Wednesday, 4 April 2012

I'm no Charlie Kane, but I have a statement of principles

Not that I'd begin to compare myself to the great fictional newsman of Orson Welles' masterpiece. For starters, I'm totally broke and my flat seems to be converted from a maritime docking port of a Victorian factory of some sort. There's barely enough room to swing a cat and I eat dinner off a coffee table, but it does the job just fine and is adequate for one person. But Xanadu was hardly 'adequate' and I currently don't have any plans to marry the President's daughter, so basically I'm not Charles Foster Kane or William Randolph Hearst.

My only commonality with these guys is that I plan on making something vaguely news-related and set about stating my principles. Though unlike both these gentlemen I don't plan on manipulating the news to create war in Spain. And I wouldn't presume on that power, though in the days of Kony 2012 and Nyan Cat, who really knows where power actually lies? If only Foucault had lived to see this day.

My statement of principles is actually probably better off as a singular declaration: I am to blog about what I see and as I see it in my own way. That's probably the most vague and boring way to start out a blog in the history of the internet, but I would like to shy away from words like 'irreverent' because stuff like that gets thrown around so much by every sad wannabe-hack who thinks they're Charlie Brooker and I would like to think that my blog's editorial style will become apparent. My constitution will be uncodified, basically.

Anyway, enough talk, on with the chatter!

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